Since I was very young, I have always been very interested in art. Drawing before I was in school, and adding several other mediums to the list throughout grade school, my passion for art grew. From drawing and painting to jewelry and pottery, I could never get enough. As I grew older, a desire to start tattooing arose, but was always too tight on money to buy equipment or pay for an apprenticeship. So I continued to draw and sculpt in my free time while I worked endless paycheck to paycheck jobs. From manual labor to cleaning houses, I worked my ass off, still not feeling fulfilled.  So I finally acquired a small array of tattoo equipment and an apprenticeship to get myself started. After, what I’m told to be a rather short apprenticeship, I headed out and found myself an awesome group through Beyond Reality Tattoos in Wyandotte, Mi.  Since then I have managed to expand my tattoos and art even further.  No college for me, but I extend my knowledge any way I can… learning from instructional videos, other artists I’ve met along the way, and studying every piece of art I come across. 

   I mainly focus on realism in my tattooing. From portraits to flowers, I love the challenge of capturing every detail.  I love to tattoo in color and black and gray; both give amazing qualities to a tattoo in their own way.   I love being able to travel and do conventions to tattoo. I still try and expand my knowledge by learning from fellow artists and many different genres and mediums of art; ie. Painting, colored pencil, pastels/chalk.  I will always take any opportunity to broaden my artistic ability.